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Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema Therapy, also known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), is an advanced soft tissue therapy that stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body.

Lymphedema is a build-up of lymphatic fluid that leads to tissue swelling. It most commonly occurs in people whose lymph nodes or vessels have been damaged by cancer treatments, injury, trauma, surgery or vascular disease. Edema associated with migraines, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia can also be effectively treated with MLD.

During a treatment, gentle manual techniques are used to re-route the lymph flow around blocked areas and into healthy lymph vessels. The excessive lymph fluid can then drain into the venous circulation system.

What is Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)?

The combination of MLD with 3 other therapies;

  • Compression Therapy
    • Multi-layered compression bandages are applied in-between MLD treatments to prevent the re-accumulation of drained fluid. Compression garments can be fitted once the limb is reduced.
  • Exercises
    • To help further reduce the lymphedema over time, specific exercises are completed with the compression bandages in place. Movements activate your own muscle and joint pumps.
  • Skin Care
    • Education on appropriate skin and nail care will help to prevent infections that can complicate lymphedema.

The 4 components combined have proven to be a non-invasive, relaxing and highly effective treatment for lymphedema.

Kristen Noack, RMT, and Certified Lymphedema Therapist, is excited to locally offer these specialised Lymphedema Therapies in Perth. Kristen will work closely with Louise Haley, of Haley Rehab in Ottawa, to ensure the best results possible are achieved for clients with lymphedema. Louise has been providing specialised cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema care for the past 18 years.