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We carry a wide assortment of physiotherapy products for immediate purchase at our Wellness Centre and Westport Clinic locations.

Our trained staff can fit you with elbow, wrist, thumb, back, knee and ankle braces from MedSpec, Professional Orthopedic Products and Donjoy. We carry a large variety of compression socks from ec3d.

We sell both long and short AirCast boots that are worn to stabilise a fracture and orthopedic shoes to wear with a cast or following foot surgery. Time, care and attention to detail is provided to ensure you have the best fit for the fastest recovery. We will make sure you are walking safely with your crutches or cane before you leave and are always available for question afterwards.

Yoga tune-up balls

Yoga Tune-up Balls

Massage Hook

Back Knobber

Hot and Cold Relief

Hot and Cold Relief

Moist Heat

Moist Heat Packs

Forearm Pain Relief

Tennis Elbow Brace

Med spec wrist brace

Med Spec
Wrist Brace

Wrist Widget

Wrist Widget

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Med Spec
Tennis Elbow Support


Jumper’s Knee Strap

Donjoy Brace

Custom Knee Brace

Ankle Brace

Ankle Stabilizing Brace

Air Casts

Aircast Walking Boots
Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

Aircast Liner

Ankle Splint

Massage Rollers

High Density
Foam Rollers

Posture Corrector

eC3d Posture
Correction Shrug

Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Roll

Compression Sock

Compression Socks


Resistance Bands


Resistance Tubing


Stability Cushion

Assistive Devices Program (ADP)

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is run by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. The purpose is to provide Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities with access to personalized assistive devices such as walkers. Both Catherine Ball and Danielle Mingelickx are registered authorizers with the program. They will assess your mobility needs and complete the ADP paperwork, which will allow for 75% of the retail cost of your walker to be funded through the program.

For more information visit the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Assistive Devices Program website.

TENS Machines

Perth Physiotherapy is happy to offer Canadian Medical Products’ TENS 8000. A TENS machine is a small portable, battery operated device which delivers electrical pulses through the skin and is used to help manage acute and chronic pain. TENS machines are a self-treatment tool that block pain signals that go to your brain and trigger the release of your bodies own, pain relieving chemicals called endorphins.

Each TENS-8000 purchase includes 1 set of 4 electrodes and a 9V battery. Upon purchase or rental your physiotherapist or physiotherapy assistant will program your TENS machine and will teach you the correct way to apply and use your machine so that you get optimal pain relief results.

Purchase price: $169.95
Rental fee: $50/month

Want to try before you buy? We’ll deduct the cost of your rental from the purchase price.