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“People mainly seek care so they can enjoy their everyday activities, like being able to get back to a sport or simply being able to pick-up their grandkids. We help people get on with what’s important to them.”

Catherine Ball – Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner

Optimize your physical ability

Whether you suffered an injury and require rehabilitation, want to maximize your athletic potential, or want to keep your optimal level of function as you age, we are here to help you.

We know that no two people and no two injuries are alike, which is why we customize treatment to you and your specific needs. Our professional, friendly staff are committed to helping you enhance your body’s movement and function so that you can make the most of your physical ability, enhance performance and ultimately, improve your quality of life.

We offer direct billing on your behalf to your health insurance company or auto insurance company and are licensed with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), which means we can treat and invoice directly for motor vehicle accidents. We are also registered with WSIB and Veterans Affairs Canada.

When in doubt – check it out!

Any condition that prevents you from participating in your regular or sporting activities impacts your whole life. Receiving physiotherapy at the onset of a problem is encouraged to help accelerate the healing process, prevent worsening of an injury over time and get you back to living fully faster. Book your appointment today – we’ll get you on the road to recovery!

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Do I require a referral from my family doctor?

No, you can contact us directly to book your initial assessment. However, some private insurance plans and government-funded programs require a referral from a doctor or nurse practitioner in order to reimburse the cost of your visit. If you have private insurance, please check your policy to determine reimbursement requirements. We are pleased to offer convenient direct billing to most insurance companies on your behalf.
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Initial assessment

We ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so that you can complete your intake paperwork, including a health history. You should also bring a list of your prescription medications to this session.
During your appointment we will take a detailed history of your health concern and assess your functional limitations – that is, what can’t you do now that you want to be able to do? What causes you pain? What makes the pain worse? We will then proceed with assessing your movement, range of motion, strength and complete specific diagnostic tests. Your diagnosis will be explained and the proposed, customized treatment plan discussed with you. This first appointment usually takes 45 minutes.

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What should I wear during my appointment?

We recommend you wear or bring comfortable clothing to change into for your initial assessment and subsequent treatment (shorts for ankle or knee assessments – a tank top for neck or shoulder assessments).

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Health Inspired Products

Come in and check out the wide assortment of physiotherapy products that are for sale at the Wellness Centre. Our products will help you get more out of your rehabilitation and include foam rollers, exercise bands and specialised self-help tools.