Summer is fast approaching. Tomorrow is the beginning of the Summer Solstice. Our wet Spring didn’t allow for a lot of time to really get into the garden. Hopefully, between the rainfall and the bugs, you found opportunities to get the soil tilled and the veggies/flowers planted. Have you been able to get any gardening done? There’s still time to get at it.

For many of us, the time we spend in the garden is peaceful, relaxing and taking a few moments to ‘fill the cup.’ However, when there seems to be less time to get all the work done, it can become stressful, hurried and almost irritating. If you are going into the garden work with the idea that you ‘just get the job done;’ strains and injuries can happen.

Here are some excellent tips to use when you are in the garden, so you can enjoy it happy and pain free.


Take frequent breaks and spread your tasks out. It’s important to take time to recover between projects. You may want to plow through all your projects to get them done, but your body will be happy for the breaks.


Walk around your garden as a warm-up and move your body before gardening. It warms up the muscles to they can prepare for the work ahead. At the end, take the time to stretch. It will help keep them from being tight and sore afterwards.


Purchase the tools that fit you, look for tools with good grips and ergonomic handles. This is so important! Using a broken hoe will more than likely hurt your body in multiple ways. Use a wheelbarrow or cart to move material around.


Avoid over-use injuries by doing different activities throughout the day, rotate through jobs that use different muscles. Repetitive strain injuries are very, very common and can be prevented this way. 


Work as close to your body as possible and avoid unnecessary reaching and twisting. Move your body to different areas of the yard/garden to work on them, this will eliminate over extending.

Happy Summer!!