Where is the Mid-May Motivation? The weather the past couple months haven’t been terribly motivating. It’s been cold, wet and dark. Usually by May, we expect the sun to be shinning, the flowers blooming and to be sitting on the patio enjoying the sun. We are all feeling a bit frustrated at the weather right now, and let’s face it, we only get a couple months of pure sunshine and warmth a year.

When we are feeling mentally drained, it is so hard to get motivated to go out and exercise. The lack of sunshine is definitely keeping us indoors. Why would you be in the cold, when you can be snuggled up with a blanket, reading a good book? It’s time to break this current cycle of staying indoors. It’s time to get out and go out for walks, visit friends or head to one of our Fitness Studio Classes.

How do we find the motivation to do this?

It’s tricky, but it begins with changing your mindset from meh to yeah. Once that change happens, the weather won’t be stopping you from getting out and living your best life. Sometimes, we need a little extra help to get started and a great way to get a little encouragement is from a partner, friend or maybe even a personal trainer.

 5 Great Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

1. Focus on the short term gains. What you will get out of exercising today? A boost in your energy level and mood, greater productivity and a better nights sleep are all desirable effects.

2. Track your progress – either through a wearable device or an old fashioned pen and notebook in combination with a pedometer. Gather step counts and calorie burning data to help meet your goals (although simply wearing a device won’t result in magic), but looking back on how far you have come can give you a real boost.

3. Arrange an exercise date with a friend and make cancelling non-negotiable, a simple ‘walk and talk’ or meeting up at a class will increase your energy and lift your spirits.

4. Find something you enjoy – choose a workout you like, even if it’s lower intensity than the ‘burn class’, and you are far more likely to make it part of your weekly routine.

5. Embrace some healthy competition – people who exercise in a group surrounded by other people, who are also working hard, can greatly support your exercise habit. You can also compete against yourself by working your way up in weights and reps or by signing up for an annual race.

By choosing any of the suggestions above…

The weather won’t be affecting your mood for much longer. You won’t need to dig deep for motivation to keep yourself moving.

Soon enough, the sun will be shining to compliment your improved energy and mood levels!