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Lynn McNames — Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor

Lynn McNames is a special commodity at Perth Physiotherapy. A certified Can Fit Pro personal trainer, Lynn has been working with clients to help them reach their fitness and health goals since 2009. She’s also a pre- and post-natal trainer while also providing strength training plans for ½ marathon runners, nutritional counselling and leading seniors’ exercise workshops. At the Perth Physiotherapy Fitness Studio, she’ll also be leading some of our indoor cycling, TRX suspension training and HIIT exercise classes. See what we mean? Lynn is a familiar and welcoming face at our Fitness Studio.

I have just finished an eight-week cardio strength training session with Lynn.   I had a blast!  Lynn is friendly, professional and makes everyone feel instantly at ease.  No matter your skill level, Lynn will ensure you get the best workout for you in a fun, energy-filled atmosphere.   Lynn makes safety a priority and will tailor the class to you and your needs.  The best part are the results!   I felt stronger after every class.  Each week I saw improvement!  Whether your goal is weight loss, increasing strength, improving Cardio or all of the above, Lynn will help you get there and celebrate your successes along the way. Can’t say enough good things about Lynn and her classes. She’s the bomb!

Cara McNamee

Matt Rice — Group Exercise Instructor

A practising physiotherapist, Matt Rice has taken his knowledge to the next level inside the Perth Physiotherapy Wellness Centre and Fitness Studio. When he’s not working with clients in the physiotherapy wellness centre, Matt will be teaching some early-morning classes in the fitness studio, so our early birds can expect variety in their workout program. A certified TRX Suspension Training and Schwinn Indoor Cycling instructor, Matt will lead some fun and energizing classes while promoting correct body mechanics as he’s a stickler for proper technique. You’ll enjoy his friendly and welcoming demeanour while he pushes you to reach your next-fitness-level goal.

Matt leads our youth sports camp programs like Foundations and Essentials. By using his experience as an athlete and knowledge as a physiotherapist, he is able to program and implement an excellent variety of workout programs for youth. Recently, Matt completed the requirements to be a NSPA Speed & Agility Coach.

Catherine Ball — Pilates Instructor

Catherine first started teaching Pilates classes after learning about its benefits as part of rehabilitation post low back injuries. A STOTT-trained Pilates instructor, Catherine’s been leading Pilates classes since 2009. She enjoys helping clients transition from physiotherapy treatments to the exercise world, and Pilates is a great stepping stone for that next step. She’s also a TRX-certified instructor. Catherine’s been working with nationally competing athletes including Saltos Athletes and Arts in Motion dancers to help them build stability and prevent injury. At the Perth Physiotherapy Fitness Studio, Catherine plans to offer combined classes which will include Pilates, TRX and fascial release with the use of foam rollers and Yoga Tune-Up balls.

At any stage of life, and especially as you get older, it is important to maintain balance, strength, flexibility and joint mobility in order to maintain everyday living activities. Catherine’s Pilates classes work on all of these areas. Her background training as a physiotherapist allows her to instruct in proper technique and she provides variations of the exercises to accommodate all levels.

Lana March–Retired Physical Education Teacher

Lee-Ann Dyke — Yoga Instructor

Lee-Ann Dyke has been practicing yoga for 15 years, and has turned that practice into instruction.

Lee-Ann has completed the Yoga Alliance Certification and her training is Forrest-Yoga based. This practice pays attention to alignment and use of props while focusing on building core strength and incorporates the heat and flowing sequences of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Lee-Ann’s love for yoga occurred to act as a complement to running (she’s a Boston Marathon Qualifier!), and she believes that by stretching, strengthening and being in tune with our bodies, we can live our fullest, healthiest lives.

Jesse Swain — Yoga and Pilates Instructor

Jesse Swain brings so much depth and experience to the Perth Physiotherapy team. Set to obtain her Registered Massage Therapist licence in March from the International Academy of Massage. But she’s been offering health and wellness services for more than a decade.

She’s a certified yoga teacher and has taught yoga classes in Perth for the past three years. Jesse has also completed the personal trainer course and she’s a registered holistic nutritionist through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Massage therapy was a logical progression in her journey to understanding the body and helping people feel better.

A recent sports injury turned out to be a valuable experience that allowed her to relate to and empathize with clients. This gave her a first-hand understanding of the frustrations of the rehabilitation process. She looks forward to working with clients to help them through their health journey.

At my very first yoga class, Jesse offered a very warm and inviting welcome. This helped relieve any hesitation or anxiety I had about starting yoga. Her confidence and enthusiasm gave me a feeling of excitement to get started. During class, Jesse’s instruction is consistently clear and detailed, so I can easily understand how to execute the various yoga poses. Jesse delivers her program in a very positive and encouraging yet relaxed manner. It is easy to tell that the entire class enjoys her personality and instruction. Jesse is able to quickly assess each class member’s personal abilities, and knows exactly when to encourage you to push further, or when to allow you to progress at an easier pace. I always feel positive support from Jesse. I continue to attend Jesse’s classes, and look forward to the next one as she is creative and always seem to be coming up with new ideas. I very much enjoy the positive vibe that Jesse creates in the studio, which always sets the stage for a very good start to the day.

Craig C.

Laura Barr — Group Exercise Instructor

Laura spent 4 years at Canadore College in North Bay and in 2017 graduated with 2 diplomas; 1 in Strength and Sport Conditioning and 1 as a Physiotherapy Assistant. She has also recently completed her Can Fit Pro personal trainer certification. Laura enjoys motivating her clients to get the most out of every class, and with her infectious joy and laughter, you’ll easily forget how hard you are working!

Peter Sims — Indoor Cycling Instructor

If you haven’t taken an indoor cycling class from Peter Sims, then you’re missing out. He’s a stand-up guy who works you hard in class, but designing the program for all abilities. A certified indoor cycling instructor, Peter has been teaching classes since 1999 in Ottawa, Smiths Falls and Perth. What’s his specialty? His music. Definitely his music. Peter has more than 400 songs on his playlist, and they range from epic rock songs to slow and steady ballads from all decades. You never know what song will pop up next in class, and it makes the sweat session fly by.

Cheerful instruction and challenging routines make Peter’s classes lively and invigorating, whether you’re a novice or an expert. Who knew sweating could be so much fun?!

Sheila Globus

Shauna Marshall — Group Exercise Instructor

After establishing her own healthy eating and exercise lifestyle, Shauna became a Certified Fitness Instructor in 2017 with Can Fit Pro. Shauna has worked as a police for 20 years, and after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, discovered that exercise played a huge role in her recovery. She now wants to share those benefits with others.

Shauna whole heartedly supports her class participants in achieving their own goals and can safely modify each exercise to suit individual needs.

Caroline Collard — Pilates Instructor

Caroline started teaching Pilates in 2011 after realizing first-hand the many benefits of practicing Pilates as part of her own health and fitness lifestyle.  Being active has been a way of life since her childhood and following her degree at the Royal Military College of Canada she pursued a number of qualifications to broaden her health and fitness knowledge.  She qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist with the UK’s London School of Sports Massage in 1998 and as a Holistic Nutritionist with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2005. Caroline is a STOTT-trained Pilates instructor who has had the benefit of continuing her training over the years in Arizona, Florida and the United Kingdom. She has recently moved to Perth and looks forward to helping clients realize how Pilates can greatly enhance everything from simple every day activities to the specific demands of hobbies and sports endeavours at all levels!

Julie Atack — Pilates Instructor

Since completing the STOTT Essential and Intermediate Mat Work Training in Toronto, Julie has brought her personal passion for Pilates to the Fitness Studio. The benefits of Pilates were personally discovered after her own journey through chronic pain and a back injury, and now Julie is excited to continue her learning with Reformer certification.

With a background in health care, including graduation from KLC College in 2011 as a Physiotherapy Assistant, the progression into a Pilates Instructor has been a natural fit. Julie wants to help other people experience the same advancement to good health as she did, by steadily building a body up from the inside out. As Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body”.